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Frequently Asked Questions - Dishwasher

FAQs - Dishwasher


Fuse blown, or the circuit breaker acted

Replace fuse or reset circuit breaker. Remove any other appliances sharing the same circuit with the dishwasher



Power supply is not turned on

Make sure the dishwasher is turned on and the door is closed securely. Make sure the power cord is properly plugged into the wall socket.



Water pressure is low

Check that the water supply is connected properly and the water is turned on.

Make sure to close the door properly and latch it.




Door of dishwasher not properly closed.

Make sure to close the door properly and latch it.


Kink in drain hose

Check drain hose .



Filter clogged

Check coarse the filter (see section titled ) " Cleaning The Filter "


Kitchen sink clogged

Check the kitchen sink to make sure it is draining well. If the problem is the kitchen sink not draining ,you may need a plumber rather than a serviceman for dishwashers.


Improper detergent

Use only the special dishwasher detergent to avoid suds. If this occurs, open the dishwasher and let suds evaporate. Add 1 gallon of cold water to the tub. Close and latch the dishwasher, then select any cycle. Dishwasher will drain out the water at the first step.Open the door after draining is stop and check if the suds is disappeared. Repeat if necessary.


Spilled rinse-aid

Always wipe up rinse-aid spills immediately.

Detergent with colourant was used


Make sure that the detergent is the one without colourant.


Hard water minerals


To clean the interior, use a damp sponge with dishwasher detergent and wear rubber gloves. Never use any other cleaner than dishwasher detergent for the risk of foaming or suds.

The affected items are not corrosion resistant.


A programme was not run after dishwasher salt was added. Traces of salt have gotten into the wash cycle.

Always run the quick wash programme . without any crockery in the dishwasher and without selecting the Turbo function (if present), after adding dishwasher salt.


The lid of the softer is loose

Check the lip .Ensure the fix is fine.

A sp ay arm is knocking against an item in a basket

Interrupt the programme, and rearrange the items which are obstructing the spay arm. r

Items of crockery are loose in the wash cabinet


Interrupt the programme, and rearrange the items of crockery.


This may be caused by on-site installation or the cross-section of the piping.


This has no influence on the dishwasher function. if in doubt, contact a suitably qualified plumber.


The dishes were not loaded correctly.

See notes in " Loading the Dishwasher Baskets ".



The programme was not powerful enough.


Select a more intensive programme. See" Wash Cycle Table . "

Not enough detergent was dispensed.


Use more detergent, or change your detergent.

Items are blocking the path of spay arms.


Rearrange the items so that the spay can rotate freely. r

The filter combination in the base of wash cabinet is not clean or is not correctly fitted. This may cause the sp ay arm jets to get blocked.

Clean and/or fit the filter combination correctly. Clean the sp ay arm jets. See "Cleaning the Spray Arms".

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