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Frequently Asked Questions - Refrigerator

FAQs - Refrigerator

Control in 0 position.

Move the control to a temperature setting.


Refrigerator is unplugged.

Push the plug completely into the outlet.


The fuse is blown/circuit breaker is tripped.

Replace fuse or rest the breaker.

Front leveling legs (on some models) need adjusting.

See Leveling Legs.


Refrigerator is on an uneven surface.

Use shims to level the refregrator.

Normal when refrigerator is first plugged in.

Wait 24 hourse for the refrigerator to completley cool down.


Often occurs when large amounts of food are placed in refrigerator.

This is normal.


Door left open.

Check to see if package is holding door open.


Hot weather or frequent door openings.

This is normal.


Temperature control set at the coldest setting.

See About the control.


Not enough clearance from the wall.

See Clearances in prepraing to install the refrigerator. 

Temperature control not set cold enough.

See About the control.


Warm weather or frequent door openings.

Set temperature control one step colder. See about the control.


Door left open.

Check to see if the package is holding door open.


Cabinet sides are warm.

This is normal for a hot wall type condenser.

Food transmitting odor to refrigerator.

- Foods with strong odors should be tightly wrapped.

- Keep an open box of baking soda in the refrigerator, replace every three months.


Interior needs cleaning.

See care and cleaning.

Not unusual during periods of high humidity.

Wipe surface dry.

Temperture control set too cold.

See About the control.

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